Essential Tips for Efficient Garage Door Maintenance


Despite garage doors being quite substantial in size and being tasked with heavy-duty responsibilities, homeowners still find a way of overlooking these doors, even as they use them day to day. As a result, garage doors that are designed for durability and high resilience starts to exhibit signs of wear and tear before their time. Unknown to some homeowners, it is their negligence that causes their garage doors to deteriorate prematurely and cause them significant inconvenience.

12 October 2017

The Case of The Large Street-Facing Garage


Garage doors are often overlooked when it comes to home projects. However, large garages that face the street take up a lot of visual appeal in a home. Large, worn out or dated garage doors are easily noticeable even from a faraway distance. If you have a large two-car or three-car garage door that is poor in shape, it can affect the kerb appeal of your home. Sprucing up drab-looking, street-facing garage doors can add value to your home and even make your home more secure.

10 October 2017

Sleek Garage Doors for The Modern Homeowner


When you're hunting for a new home, you can't help but get eager to find a modern home with a modern garage door. There is just something sleek and cultured about modern garage doors. Maybe it's because they represent nearly forty percent of your new home's fa├žade and they should blend perfectly and harmoniously with it. Ranging from reclaimed wood, steel, glass, and aluminium, modern garage doors offer simplistic beauty to the exterior of your home.

24 September 2017

Things to Consider When Looking For Roller Door Openers


Possessing a sound working garage door opener is quite essential. This is because it has the possibility of providing easy access as well as security to your home. Most of the door openers today come with additional features like smart device compatibility as well as home automation system connectivity. Such added innovations are essential in making the systems more convenient. Before purchasing and installing a roller door opener for your garage, here is a little guide that will take you through what to expect in the market:

23 September 2017