4 Tips to Find the Best Garage Doors


Did you know that there are approximately 200,000 burglaries in Australia with a portion of those happening through garage doors? Aside from improving your home's kerb appeal, garage doors play an essential role in its security. Buying the right type of door for your garage will not only make your home safer but provide useful day-to-day utility. As a result, you can't compromise on the quality of garage door you purchase. Here are some tips on how to find the best ones for you.

Maintenance Costs

When thinking of the type of garage door you want to buy, its cost of upkeep is a necessary consideration. Different types of doors require different maintenance needs. If you opt for the quintessential wooden doors, you need to know that regular staining and painting are a must to keep them looking good. Those made of steel call for minimal upkeep that's little more than the usual cleaning and repair. Vinyl doors are even lower maintenance as they don't need any paint job or dealing with rust. 

Level of Safety

Garage doors, while providing an excellent service, might pose some hazard if there are no safety mechanisms in place. To determine if those you're interested in are safe, confirm that they come with pinch-resistant features. These increase safety in the home by triggering a reverse motion if they sense any fingers while the doors are closing. If possible, request a demo of this function to test its effectiveness before committing to purchase.  Another safety mechanism you need to investigate is the spring system. As your garage door utilises the spring counterbalance system to manage the opening and closing functions, you need an assurance that they are strong and sturdy enough to withstand continual use without putting anyone in danger.

Product Warranty

Before buying your garage doors ask whether the seller provides any warranty. Various companies offer different warranties to guard against after sales damage, e.g. splitting (in the case of wooden doors), cracking, rusting, etc. An after-sales service guarantee will give you more value for your money.

Work Quality of the Installing Company

Buying garage doors isn't the only step; you need to think about the installation as well. If the service provider doesn't do quality work, you will foot significant repair costs later on.


Garage doors play an essential role in home security apart from just adding aesthetic value to your home.  You, therefore, need to know how to pick out the best type to suit your needs and to provide robust protection for your home. 


17 October 2017

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Hello! My name is Roger and this is my new blog. Last year, I had some real problems with my garage door. It kept sticking and wouldn't open when I pressed the button on the remote control. In the end, I decided to have the entire thing replaced. I had never chosen a garage door before. I thought it would be easy but in fact, there are lots of things you need to consider. Thankfully, the garage door contractor I went to was really helpful and explained everything I needed to know. Once I had found the perfect garage door, the contractor installed it. I'm really happy with my new garage door.