Beauty, Privacy and Edibility: 3 Easy Plant Ideas for Your Patio


While it's not so difficult to add beauty to your patio, it can sometimes be an expensive exercise. If you're upgrading your patio furniture or refinishing the surface of the area, it's not going to be all that cheap. There is an inexpensive and easy way to add beauty to the space, and it's as straightforward as choosing some great looking plants to add colour to your patio. In addition to looking beautiful, some of them are rather practical too.

For Eating

Something edible can be a great idea when it comes to growing plants on patios. Start a small herb garden in a rectangular pot. Garden centres (and even supermarkets) sell herbs growing in pots, and this makes it easy to replace a plant that might not be thriving (or might have been too enthusiastically harvested). For a bit of extra colour, you can also grow chillies in pots. The red, tubular chillies look great and can add some spice to your cooking.

For Beauty

If you want something beautiful that is easy to look after, try some potted bamboo plants on your patio. There are many types of ornamental bamboo available, and it's a good idea to visit your local garden centre to find a variety that is best suited to the climate in your area. Keeping the bamboo in the pot retards its growth, which prevents the bamboo from becoming too large in the pot. The same thing can be said of an olive tree. These beautiful trees generally have an extensive system of roots, but can be kept in a pot to prevent them from growing too large. Of course, the larger the pot, the larger the plant will grow, which can create some privacy.

For Privacy

If you truly need some privacy for your patio, then consider installing a trellis. A lightweight trellis is easy and inexpensive to put into place, and it then gives you the option of growing a climbing plant. This green wall for your patio gives you privacy and looks lovely while doing the job. There are a huge number of climbing plants that will fit the bill, but if you're stuck for ideas, you might want to go with what has become an Australian classic. Even though the bougainvillea originated in South America, it thrives in Australia. Easy to care for, the plants will quickly attach to any available climbing surface (hence the necessity for the trellis), giving you lush foliage with brightly-coloured flowers.

The right plants make it incredibly easy to give your patio a brilliant new look.


24 October 2017

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Hello! My name is Roger and this is my new blog. Last year, I had some real problems with my garage door. It kept sticking and wouldn't open when I pressed the button on the remote control. In the end, I decided to have the entire thing replaced. I had never chosen a garage door before. I thought it would be easy but in fact, there are lots of things you need to consider. Thankfully, the garage door contractor I went to was really helpful and explained everything I needed to know. Once I had found the perfect garage door, the contractor installed it. I'm really happy with my new garage door.