How to Deter the Average Thief by Using Roller Shutters


Did you know that more than one in five homes across Australia have been broken into at some point, and that it may only take a few minutes for a determined burglar to gain access? Those statistics are quite eye opening and make it more important than ever for you to secure your property as efficiently as you can. In fact, you should ensure that your home is more like a fortress when nobody is inside, and the best way to do this is to install some residential roller shutters.

21 October 2019

5 Important Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door


Garage doors are often unappreciated until they are broken and you are unable to leave for work or park your car in the evening after work. A garage door is easily the largest and most commonly moving part of your home, which means that it is very susceptible to wear and tear. While purchasing the right garage door will save you from repair and replacement for a long time, a little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring their functionality.

22 May 2019