How to Deter the Average Thief by Using Roller Shutters


Did you know that more than one in five homes across Australia have been broken into at some point, and that it may only take a few minutes for a determined burglar to gain access? Those statistics are quite eye opening and make it more important than ever for you to secure your property as efficiently as you can. In fact, you should ensure that your home is more like a fortress when nobody is inside, and the best way to do this is to install some residential roller shutters. Why is this your best approach?

Fragile Windows

The average home may have a large number of windows on the ground floor level, and some of these may be out of sight, around the back. These may present an ideal opportunity for a burglar to gain access when nobody's home, as all they need to do is to break one pane and they are in. Many people spend time and effort to add an upgraded lock to their front or back door and may even add some kind of alarm system, but it may only take a determined burglar a couple of seconds to get in through a broken window.

Too Much Work

If you were to install roller shutters, on the other hand, this would deter most of the more casual thieves and would certainly make it more difficult for those who might stick around. It would take them a lot longer to try and break through these shutters, and they would inevitably need to make a lot of noise as they worked away. The longer they are doing this, the more vulnerable they are to discovery, and you will have bought yourself some very valuable and precious time.


Remember, burglars will need specific tools in order to break through any roller shutters, and in most cases, they are not going to bother. They will simply move on to the home next door which is not similarly equipped, as they have a much better chance of getting in and out without detection.

Taking Action

Don't become another statistic, and safeguard your home and possessions as much as possible. When you go out for any period of time, always ensure that you activate your roller shutters and enable this additional level of protection. To get the ball rolling, talk with installation contractors to see what options are available for your style of property.


21 October 2019

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