Qualities to Look for in a Roller Door


Roller doors are not going anywhere anytime soon. Their use for commercial applications continues to gain popularity by the day. This is because they are better than standard doors in many ways. The question is, what qualities should you look for when shopping for a roller door? Here are a few answers to this question.

Fire-Retardant Capabilities

Commercial enterprises are more vulnerable to fire breakouts for various reasons. These include the fact that more electric power is used by commercial entities than is used in residential areas.

For this reason, roller doors meant for use in commercial buildings need to have a superior ability to stop the spreading of flames in the event of a fire. Commercial roller doors will usually have a breakout rating that gives the approximate amount of time (in hours) that the door will be able to withstand continued exposure to naked flames. The higher the fire-resistance rating, the better.


It is not right to assume that all roller doors are pre-insulated. Some door manufacturers choose not to insulate their products so as to bring down the cost of roller doors. A well-insulated roller door is advantageous because proper insulation helps to bring down commercial heating and cooling costs, among other benefits.

Choosing to purchase a non-insulated roller door might mean that you'll have to pay someone to do the insulation once the door has been installed. This might prove to be much more expensive than simply investing in a pre-insulated roller door from the start.


Commercial roller doors can be automated or powered manually. Doors that are powered manually are much cheaper than automated ones.

However, automated roller doors are much more convenient. Remember that roller doors are usually made of metal, which makes them heavy. Having to lift the door manually every other time there's such a need (e.g., for the loading and unloading of commercial goods) can be a cumbersome ordeal.

That said, manually operated roller doors have fewer complex features, which makes their maintenance much easier. In many cases, the proper lubrication of door parts is the main maintenance activity required for manually operated roller doors.

Automated roller doors will have to be checked constantly for loose electrical wiring and damaged or defective electrical components.

Talk to your preferred door supplier and be sure to ask about the qualities discussed above. They will let you know what roller door will work best for you.


17 March 2020

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Hello! My name is Roger and this is my new blog. Last year, I had some real problems with my garage door. It kept sticking and wouldn't open when I pressed the button on the remote control. In the end, I decided to have the entire thing replaced. I had never chosen a garage door before. I thought it would be easy but in fact, there are lots of things you need to consider. Thankfully, the garage door contractor I went to was really helpful and explained everything I needed to know. Once I had found the perfect garage door, the contractor installed it. I'm really happy with my new garage door.