3 Ways To Safeguard Your Garage Doors From Unnecessary Repairs


Many people spend excessive amounts of money undertaking garage door repairs. However, some of these problems could have been prevented if the users had taken proper precautions. Below are several ways you can ensure that your roller garage doors are safeguarded from unnecessary repairs.

Follow the Manual

When roller garage doors are installed, the technicians will give you a manual on how to ensure the door remains in proper working condition. In most cases, they will take you through the basic components so that you are prepared for any eventuality. Some of the details outlined include the frequency by which you should lubricate the moving parts of the door. Problems start arising when you ignore these basic guidelines. You will be surprised when you wake up one day and the garage door is not functioning. Your first reaction will be to call an expert to look into the issue, even though it can be solved by applying some lubricant. Avoid such scenarios by knowing the basic regarding roller garage door maintenance and applying them when there is any problem.

Perform Basic Checks

Since you use the garage door on a daily basis, you should always perform basic checks. One of these includes looking at the moving parts of the garage door to see if there is any debris. When debris or toys accumulate in the moving parts, the doors get stuck. In this case, you will most likely call an expert yet you can easily solve this problem. It is also necessary to check the battery of the remote control you use to open the garage door. Many people are surprised when the garage door refuses to open, without knowing that a drained battery can cause this issue. As such, changing the battery can solve this problem. If you are unaware of this, you will call an expert who will charge you for their time even if the only issue is changing the battery.

Always Keep in Touch With the Installer

Most companies that install roller garage doors have a warranty period whereby they will carry out any minor repairs at no cost. It is therefore essential to keep their contact details for future reference. Losing their contacts can result in a high repair bill when you call in an independent expert to resolve any issues that you might have. Even if the problem seems to be minor, you can always call the company that installed the door, and they will guide you on the best way to solve it.

For more information, contact a professional in roller door garage repairs.


6 December 2017

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Hello! My name is Roger and this is my new blog. Last year, I had some real problems with my garage door. It kept sticking and wouldn't open when I pressed the button on the remote control. In the end, I decided to have the entire thing replaced. I had never chosen a garage door before. I thought it would be easy but in fact, there are lots of things you need to consider. Thankfully, the garage door contractor I went to was really helpful and explained everything I needed to know. Once I had found the perfect garage door, the contractor installed it. I'm really happy with my new garage door.