Things to Consider When Looking For Roller Door Openers


Possessing a sound working garage door opener is quite essential. This is because it has the possibility of providing easy access as well as security to your home. Most of the door openers today come with additional features like smart device compatibility as well as home automation system connectivity. Such added innovations are essential in making the systems more convenient. Before purchasing and installing a roller door opener for your garage, here is a little guide that will take you through what to expect in the market:

1. Types of Roller Door Openers – The standard door openers used in garages have a similar design concept. Usually, a motor drives a trolley or a carriage along a rail. The trolley is hooked to the garage door and as it moves, causes the door to open or close. The core difference however about the door openers is the manner in which the motor moves the trolley. This results in three main door opener classifications which include a belt-drive, chain-drive as well as a screw-drive garage door opener.

Belt-Drive – This sort of garage door opener is similar to a chain drive system only that it employs a belt instead of a chain in moving the trolley. One of the advantages of this, however, is that the belt creates a smoother and quieter operation. They also come with fewer parts which results in low maintenance.

Chain-Drive – Chain-drive roller door openers employ a metal chain to move the trolley around. Such systems are economical but produce a lot of undesired noise. They can be used for garages far from the house as the distance will subdue the noise.

Screw-Drive – The screw-drive door opener employs the use of a threaded steel rod which is used to move the lifting mechanism. When the rod rotates, the trolley is driven along a track which results in movement of the door. Such roller door openers are mostly quiet and contain fewer movable parts thus lower maintenance.

2. Horsepower – The roller door openers also come in various horsepower ratings which are used in the comparison of the lifting power of all the models. The ratings range from 1/2 horsepower all the way to 1-1/2 horsepower used in various residential models. For a sectional double garage door, the 1/2 horsepower motor should provide excellent results. However, a model with a higher power rating will offer greatest returns with minimum effort and reduced friction on the motor.  Heavier doors would, however, require higher horsepower models.


23 September 2017

How to Choose a New Garage Door

Hello! My name is Roger and this is my new blog. Last year, I had some real problems with my garage door. It kept sticking and wouldn't open when I pressed the button on the remote control. In the end, I decided to have the entire thing replaced. I had never chosen a garage door before. I thought it would be easy but in fact, there are lots of things you need to consider. Thankfully, the garage door contractor I went to was really helpful and explained everything I needed to know. Once I had found the perfect garage door, the contractor installed it. I'm really happy with my new garage door.